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Scruffy Swanks

partybot.jpgHave fun and represent.  That's just how we roll.  Our fashions are all about not giving a flying fudgecake about what anybody else thinks and just enjoying the ride.  Life is too short to wear generic styles.  So hop in a hoodie or slap on a onesie and show em what you're working with.


The Process

So what happens when I submit my order?  Well, it's a little bit of magic and a whole lot of miracle.  First, some spirit gnomes trace the design you've chosen onto a special color-memorizing paper, then hand it off to our master elven clothiers, who use pixel dust brushes to transfer the designs onto hand-crafted garments.  These garments are then put through a setting process that involves soaking in unicorn tears which makes them super soft yet vividly bright.

Or something like that.  Either way, they are meticulously hand-sewn, custom-crafted garments, and this labor of love takes time.  Each piece is custom created for you, which is why we require 3 weeks to get the pieces to your door.  But oh man is it worth it! 

And if for any reason you are ever dissatisfied (not gonna happen though!) with your product, just drop us a note and we will refund you the full price, and pay for the return shipping.  No questions asked.